• How To Choose Your Destination Wedding Location

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    Have you dreamed of having a destination wedding? Do you want a destination wedding but aren’t sure what location to pick? There are definitely lots of things to consider when deciding 1. whether to have a destination wedding, and 2. where to have your destination wedding. Here are some factors to consider to help choose the place that is right for you and your wedding. The best place to start is to think about where you are daydreaming about the most. Are you thinking of a resort fiesta in Mexico or a romantic island wedding in the Carribean? Start a pinterest board, read travel sites, talk to your partner, and make a list of your dream locales. Next, think about some practical issues. How many guests do you hope will attend? How difficult, expensive, etc. will it be for those guests to join you in your dream destination? What kind of experience do you most want to have with your guests? Are you also honeymooning in the same place after your wedding? Read More »

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    Felt Balls in Home Decor + Kids’ Spaces

    Hi Oh Lovely Day readers! I’m Aileen from the interiors & lifestyle blog At Home in Love, and I’m super thrilled to be guest posting today while Chandra spends some time her new babe. I don’t have any kids of my own (yet!) so I don’t talk about kids’ rooms very much–but I really love them. So I thought I’d take the opportunity today to touch on one of my favorite trends in kids’ rooms: felt balls! This is a trend could actually be implemented in any room of the house…but it’s so cute, it lends itself perfectly to kid spaces. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use felt balls in decor:

    1. Rugs. These are probably the most common use I’ve seen with felt balls, and they’re perfect for kids’ rooms–soft, squishy, and absolutely adorable! I love the idea of a cloud shaped felt ball rug, and the purple rug (#2) is my own.

    felt balls in interior decor | Oh Lovely Day Read More »

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    These are a few of my favorite postpartum things + A giveaway

    Oh Lovely Day postpartum favorite things giveaway

    Hey y’all! I’m taking a quick break from babyland (who am I kidding, I’m literally nursing while I type this!) to share a few of my favorite things that are making life easier or more comfortable in this new postpartum stage. I thought it might help some of you who are there too, or will be soon! Plus, I’m giving away some of my favorite goodies – wahoo!

    My Postpartum Favorites:

    1. Sleep bras & nursing bras – nursing boobies need support, but a comfy bra is a must. I’ve been living in sleep bras from Target and nursing bras from Bravado Designs (especially love the confetti bra and the sweet pea bra). The ones from Bravado are still pretty while being functional and comfortable too.

    2. Belabumbum pjs – you spend most of your time resting, changing diapers, nursing, nursing, and nursing some more. I don’t leave the house much. So cute and comfy pjs are a must and my favorites have been these Colette pjs from Belabumbum.

    3. Water in a BIG travel cup – if you’re nursing you need to drink lots of water. Plus, it’s ridiculously hot where I am so staying hydrated is key for milk production. I love my mason jar travel drink cup – I fill it up and guzzle it down. It doesn’t sweat, spill, and makes drinking a ton of water easy.

    4. Nipple balm – if you’re nursing, a nipple balm is a must. I have fallen in love with this one from Zoe Organics. It is all natural, smells great, and works wonders. I’ve even been using it on my baby’s raw booty – it has healed his dry and bleeding bum better than anything else I’ve tried.

    5. Starbucks Via Instant Coffee/Latte – A friend brought me these and I now can’t live without them. Brewed coffee takes time, and in the morning when you have a baby screaming to be fed, you don’t have time to make it. These little packets of Starbucks Via are instant – just add a mug of hot water. And they are tastier than brewed coffee too!

    6. Saint Grace pants & tanks – my postpartum body is, well, not awesome. I still look prego, my hips are still wide and my tummy is flabby. I can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but don’t feel good about myself wearing maternity clothes everyday. I wore the flowy pants and tanks from Saint Grace during my pregnancy and they are the perfect chic and comfy uniform for postpartum mamas. And they flatter postpartum bodies too.

    7. Bamboobies – leaky boobs aren’t my fave. You finally get a shower and fresh clothes on, then your boobs leak all over you and said clothes. Bamboobies are washable and reusable nursing pads, they are soft and comfy, and they do the trick. You can also find them here.

    8. A massage and/or heating pad – I was retaining a ton of water after I delivered, and I had a lymphatic draining massage which really helped. Plus your body is sore from delivery, your neck and shoulders kill from nursing, and you need a nap. It can help carpal tunnel too. If you can’t get a massage, having a heating pad for your shoulders is helpful. I love mine – I can throw it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and then drape it on my shoulders before and after I nurse to ease my muscles.

    9. Doie Lounge Robe – I took my Doie Lounge robe to the hospital and it made me feel like a new, somewhat put together person. It’s great to wear around over my undies and nursing bras, because you never know when you’ll have 5 minutes for a quick shower, or when one of those dreaded hormonal hot flashes will appear. One of these robes on top of your dirty, sweaty, aching body just makes you feel good.

    10. Nature Valley Protein Bars – I eat one of these during nursing sessions for a quick snack. I even keep one on my bedside table for late night feedings. They help keep me going when finding time to eat can be hard.

    11. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow – a good nursing pillow is a must. I was struggling during my first 10 days postpartum using my boppy – it wasn’t working for me and my baby and my neck and shoulders were killing me. I ordered a My Brest Friend and have never looked back. It has made nursing so much more pleasant and easier on my body. I hear boppys work better when nursing older babies.

    12. Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray – if you have a vaginal delivery, you’re gonna have some issues “down there” afterwards. Without sharing too much, let me just say that this spray helps a multitude of issues. And it sprays while held upside down, which is key. Also helpful/necessary in the “down there” issue department: wipes with witch hazel, tucks pads, Prep H cream, pads (I prefer thick ones with the hospital’s mesh underwear as long as bleeding is heavy, then very thin Always pads with wings when it gets lighter).

    13. Warm baths – another must for vaginal deliveries are sitz baths. But I didn’t have time for 3 of these a day so I would just indulge in one longer bath each evening, with lavender epsom salt. So helpful!

    14. Solly Baby Wrap – Sometimes baby just wants to be held, and as much as you love holding him or her, your arm needs a break, your older child needs attention, or you need to get something done. I’ve found using my Solly Baby Wrap has made life easier in those situations. I also love putting Calvin in it if we’re going around people – less touching and getting in his face when he’s wrapped up on me.

    15. Mother’s Milk Tea – I had supply issues with my first baby (due to an undiagnosed thyroid disorder – more on that here), so I had a low supply and also had to pump a lot. This time, I’m trying to build my supply while avoiding my pump when possible. I’ve found drinking a couple of cups of this tea everyday has helped. I also eat oatmeal for breakfast, drink lots of water, and nurse on demand when I can.

    Oh Lovely Day postpartum favorite things giveaway

    And now for our giveaway. I’m giving away my favorite things to wear postpartum to one lucky winner. You’ll get 1. The two Bravado Designs nursing bras listed above, 2. a tank and pants from Saint Grace (style and color based on winner’s size and availability), 3. The Doie Lounge Elena robe (pictured), 4. A set of black pjs from Belabumbum (pictured), and 5. A Solly Baby Wrap (color choice based on in stock availability) so you can wear your baby!

    The giveaway will end on 9/13/14 and the winner will be announced below on 9/14. Only one comment below will count as an entry, and be sure to follow instructions in the giveaway widget below. Good luck!

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    10 Mistakes Couples Make on Wedding Invitations

    Hello Oh Lovely Day Readers.  It is Meredith from Love and Lavender.  I am honoured that Chandra asked me to help her out with a guest post while she spends some quality time with her new little one. Oh Lovely Day offers great wedding planning tips, so I am contributing my advice on common mistakes couples make on their wedding invitations.

    10 mistakes couples make on wedding invitations | oh lovely day

    1) Budget:  If you haven’t ordered stationery before then you may be shocked to see how expensive wedding invitations can be. When couples first set their wedding budget they may not factor in a specific amount for stationery.  I think this is a mistake. Invitations are a great way to set the tone and look of your big day. Just make sure you are realistic about the expense of setting that tone. Stationery can range from $1-$10 per piece depending on type, paper, or embellishments (e.g., bows, embossing, foil, letterpress  and thermography). Read More »


    DIY Floral Planter Box

    DIY floral planter box | Siren Floral Co on Oh Lovely Day

    I’ve got another fabulous DIY from another amazingly talented gal today, this time from Rachael of Lace & Likes and Siren Floral Co. I’m obsessed with Rachael’s floral creations, and the DIY floral planter boxes she’s sharing today are perfect for wedding and home alike. Happy making!

    planter boxes aren’t as difficult to make as they’d seem. you just need a few simple tools//materials from home depot, and you can make your very own to use for herbs, house plants or a floral arrangement. i worked on these for an upcoming SIRENFLORALCO wedding this fall.

    DIY floral planter box | Siren Floral Co on Oh Lovely Day

    what you’ll need:
    -hobby wood from home depot (in the lumber section)

    -wood glue

    -copper nails (3/4″)


    -willpower :)

    ask a strapping fellow at home depot to cut the longer pieces of hobby wood to the measurements of the box you are wanting to make. they come in a few sizes, 2 ft pieces, 4 ft pieces, etc. i made this box 2 ft long and about a foot wide. they’ll also cut the end pieces to size for you. especially if you bat your eyes at them and look helpless :)

    DIY floral planter box | Siren Floral Co on Oh Lovely Day

    what to do:
    -first, you’re going to set the wood with the wood glue.
    -start with the base and side pieces and glue them to the bottom pieces. then leave them for a while until they’ve set.
    **be sure to wipe off any excess glue that leaks out of the connecting points of the wood pieces**
    -once all your wood pieces are set with the glue, go around and nail the nails into the connecting points about an inch and a half apart on each side and each end. or wherever you feel they connect well :)
    -then you’re done!

    DIY floral planter box | Siren Floral Co on Oh Lovely Day

    if you want it to be a planter box, i would recommend doing a water proof stain on top//on the inside when you’re finished and drilling small holes into the base for the water to drain. if you’re going to use it for a wedding centerpiece, you wanna line it with plastic sheeting (also found at home depot) and use short nails or a staple gun to attach it to the inside.

    now go getchu rosie the riveter on :)

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