• Family Fall Traditions + Wildbird Sling Giveaway

    adorable baby in a pumpkin patch fall photo

    Like most other mothers since the invention of motherhood, I love family traditions. Since fall is my favorite season (even with the barely there fall we get here in Los Angeles), fall also holds some of my favorite family traditions. Making pumpkin bread, coming up with unique Halloween costume ideas, taking the same photo at our local farmer’s market (you know, those put-your-face-through-the-hole board kinds), and of course, visiting the pumpkin patch. Since our fall here is minimal and I’m originally from Ohio where fall is just the most beautiful season, I like driving an hour outside of the city to Underwood Family Farms to get more of a fall experience than the city pumpkin patch in a converted parking lot (we do those too, by the way). Last year I was pregnant with Quincy so it was fun to take him with us this year to explore the pumpkins and corn maze with his brothers.

    fun family fall tradition ideas and photos, plus a wild bird sling giveaway! the best for baby wearing and nursing! fun family fall tradition ideas and photos fun family fall tradition ideas and photos

    This was the best photo of all five of us we could get. When a stranger offers to take your photo, you say yes. It’s probably not going to be a great photo, but it will be a great capture of your whole family as you are at that time and season of your family. This is us 🙂

    fun family fall tradition ideas and photos, plus a wild bird sling giveaway! the best for baby wearing and nursing! cute kid in whistle and flute halloween tee pumpkin patch fall photo adorable baby in a pumpkin patch fall photo fun family fall tradition ideas and photos, plus a wild bird sling giveaway! the best for baby wearing and nursing! adorable baby in a pumpkin patch fall photo fun family fall tradition ideas and photos, plus a wild bird sling giveaway! the best for baby wearing and nursing!

    One thing that has been absolutely essential to me as a mom of three has been my Wildbird sling, because it enables me to participate in activities with the rest of my family while I’m caring for and nursing the baby. Instead of finding a place to nurse or get the baby a nap and missing out on the corn maze or playing in the pumpkin patch, I just wear Quincy in the sling. Nursing him while wearing him in it is super easy (I’m nursing him in the photo above and you can’t even tell!) and then he usually falls asleep and takes a nap while I hang with the rest of my crew.

    Since the sling has been such a lifesaver for me this third time around, and Wildbird just launched a bunch of gorgeous colors for fall, I’ve teamed up with them to give one away. All the details and the entry form is below. Good luck!

    Wildbird Sling Giveaway

    What are your favorite fall family traditions?

    {Sources} Sling: Wildbird / Quincy’s “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost” shirt: Mamacase Prints / Quincy’s moccs: Freshly Picked / Quincy’s bonnet: Noble Carriage / Charlie & Calvin’s shirts: Whistle & Flute / Charlie & Calvin’s shoes: Plae


    Making Family Life More Fun With Music

    Making Family Life More Fun With Music | The Raging Kidiots

    One of the best ways to keep things light and fun in family life is to add music. It can instantly change the mood and lift the spirits of the whole gang when you crank up some tunes. My family is really big on dance parties. We dance to celebrate a good day. We dance when everyone is crabby to change things up. We dance in the car to make rides more fun. We have introduced our kids to some of our classic favorites: from James Taylor to Jay-Z, Fleetwood Mac to Foo Fighters. Michael Jackson is big in our house right now. We’ve always been grateful that our kids don’t insist on listening to Mickey Mouse or Elmo or the Frozen Soundtrack. Because kids’ music — ugh! Why does it have to be so BAD? But I recently discovered music made for kids that is fun and educational but is still music to parents’ ears as well. Enter The Raging Kidiots!

    The newest album from entertainer Bobby Bones, The Raging Kidiots is full of catchy tunes that kids will love because they are really silly and fun. But more importantly, parents will love them too. The songs teach kids how to remember the order of the planets and the important people in American History and pop culture. And other songs, like Be Nice (“because your mama said so, even when she says no…”) help to remind kids about good behavior through fun lyrics.

    You can download the album in iTunes now. I love having access to it in my iTunes account so I can play it at home through our Apple TV or in the car through the bluetooth capabilities on my phone (or just from your phone if your car isn’t bluetooth enabled). I even play it in the boys’ room through their bluetooth speakers. This is the one kid album that doesn’t make me want to put in ear plugs 🙂

    Making Family Life More Fun With Music | The Raging Kidiots

    Download The Raging Kidiots on iTunes here. And six of the songs are available for you to listen to on Spotify here as well.

    Does your family love music and dance parties? Are you stuck listening to ‘Let It Go’ on repeat or do your kids allow for more parent-friendly songs? I can’t wait to hear what you think about The Raging Kidiots!


    This post is sponsored by Bobby Bones, but all of the opinions are my own.

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    8 Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Kid Pairs

    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs: Blues Brothers | Oh Lovely Day

    If you’re looking for fun costume ideas for pairs, I thought I’d share some of my favorite ideas. Whether the pair is a couple, siblings, buddies, or a parent and child — all of these would work for whatever pair you may be dressing this year.

    Halloween is my favorite and has been since I was a kid. I love getting creative with costumes and trying to make rather than buy (it’s just more fun, don’t you think?) Since Charlie was born we’ve had fun thinking of costumes each year, and every year I think it is probably the last time that he wants to be something cool and fun and not just a Ninja Turtle or Superhero. But so far each year he has just as much fun coming up with unique ideas or dressing up in whatever I make as I do creating it. There’s nothing wrong with store bought (they sure do make life easier!) but there is something really fun about piecing together your own costume. These are some of my favorites.

    Jareth the Goblin King & Toby from Labyrinth

    Jareth the Goblin King & Toby from The Labyrinth | Kid Halloween Costume Ideas; Charlie & Calvin | Oh Lovely Day

    This is my favorite costume pairing of all time. My son Charlie was obsessed with Labryinth last year and wanted to be Jareth. Calvin was the perfect age to be Toby. The stars aligned perfectly. I posted a full post on this one with sources of where I found everything here if you want to see it.  Read More »

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    Decorate For Fall With DIY Succulent Pumpkins

    These DIY succulent pumpkins combine are so easy to make and so fun for fall decorating and gifting! A must pin and make!

    If you follow me on instagram or have been a reader of this blog for a while, you saw me make these last year. But they are so good and the DIY was so popular I thought I would post it again. Especially since it combines two of my favorite things: succulents and pumpkins! If I could find a way to add peonies I’d probably break the internet, making it a DIY trifecta of instagram’s most shared things 🙂  Read More »

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    Making Date Nights A Priority

    This post brought to you by JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Oh Lovely Day.

    Making date night a priority - so important and often so hard when you have little kids!

    Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the day-to-day with work, kids, school, obligations — that we forget to take time to nourish the things or people that are important but that aren’t “have to’s”. You get home from a long day at work and the last thing you feel like doing is meeting friends out for a drink. Or you finally get your kids to sleep and you’d both rather go pass out than go on a date. You forget to call your mom. It’s easy to succumb to the exhaustion or the busy or the work. That’s why you have to prioritize the date nights and the girls’ nights out and brunch with friends and the phone calls with family. It’s easy to say, but so much harder to put into practice. My husband and I have basically given up on date nights since we had a third baby. Between getting the kids to bed, not getting consistent sleep at night, finding a babysitter, and just being beat at the end of the day we have under-prioritized our own relationship, and date nights nourish that. We need it. So last week we made a date and booked a sitter and made a reservation. And even though I was up since 4:30 am and so tired, I didn’t cancel. We went and it was so so good. Read More »

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    •  Three things: 1. You've got one day left to enter my @mywildbird sling giveaway, so head over to my blog (link in profile) and tag your friends. 2. I was featured on @loyal_hana blog as part of their motherhood series, so if you want to give it a read and hear about my typical (hot mess) day or how I (don't) balance work and mothering head to their profile to find the link to their site. I pretty much live in their nursing-friendly clothes and was honored to be featured. 3. Charlie took this picture (and basically directed me for the shot) and it makes me really really happy   Putting the finishing touches on the boys' bedroom and had to stop to admire the magic that the morning light and their @babyjives mobile was making. ✨☁️⭐️❤️✨#charlieandcalsroomredo
       Can a person be your happy place? Because I'm pretty certain that Quincy is mine ☺️✨ #quincyrhys #thatdimpletho  This week was a rough one. I feel like I say that every week but this one really was. Today alone had me at my breaking point. All three of my kids seemed hell bent on driving me crazy. Quincy literally wouldn't let me put him down or leave the room without a major scream-cry fest. He rode around on the fuss bus allllll day. Tropical storm Calvin left destruction in his wake everywhere he went (if you follow me on snap/stories you got a little sampling but that was nowhere near the extent of it). At one point I went into a room away from my kids and sat in a chair and cried. Within three minutes one of them found me (of course) gave me a hug, and we were all better (except Calvin -- I think this is his permanent state ). This photo is my version of thinking happy thoughts. Bougainvillea vibes ✌️️✨
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