• {DIY} Ombré Lace-Textured Wedding Tote Bag

    DIY ombré wedding tote by oh lovely day
    If you follow me on instagram you saw me tease this DIY yesterday, and I’m loving how it turned out.  I do have to apologize for my iphone photos – I am always on a time crunch to get these done during Charlie’s nap (sometimes one hour, sometimes three, and you never know which it will be!) so I have to take quick pics with my phone instead of well lit ones on my DSLR.  But you’ll get the idea, and trust me – these are so cute in person!
    What you’ll need:
    DIY ombré wedding tote by oh lovely day | materials
    1.  Paint 
    2.  Tote bags
    3.  Lace of your choice
    5.  Paper plate, container for water, paper towels for clean up, something to put in the bag to prevent paint soaking through (piece of plastic, poster board cut to size, etc.)
    Here’s what you do:
    DIY ombré wedding tote by oh lovely day | tutorial
    Squeeze your paint into seperate spots on your paper plate.  Insert something into your tote so the paint can’t bleed through.  Lay your tote flat and place your lace over the tote.  Dip your sponge brush into the paint – keep it on the edge for the best results.
    DIY ombré wedding tote by oh lovely day | tutorial
    Starting at your bottom corner with your darkest color, blot your paint across your lace, making sure it isn’t soaking through too much, but is transfering through the lace onto the tote.  How much you do this depends on how much lace texture you want showing through.  I used a small holed lace and really just wanted it to add a spotted texture instead of a defined lace print.  Work your way across and up until you reach around one-third up the tote bag.
    DIY ombré wedding tote by oh lovely day | tutorial
    Once you reach one-third up the tote, rinse your brush and switch to the next shade of your paint (one step lighter, but not the lightest, so as to create the ombré effect).  Repeat the blotting until you are two-thirds up the tote.
    DIY ombré wedding tote by oh lovely day | tutorial
    Once you’ve completed the second color, rinse your brush in the water and start blotting the lightest shade.  Blot the same way until you reach the top trim of the tote.  Leaving the top trim keeps the bottom of the tote tied in to the color of the straps of the tote.
    DIY ombré wedding tote by oh lovely day | tutorial

     Once you’ve covered your tote surface with paint, but while it is still wet, rinse your brush again and then dip it in your water just enough to get it damp.  Blot the water on the edges where your shades meet, blending them together and giving them more of an ombré effect rather than a color-blocked effect (if you prefer them to be color blocked you could skip the lace and this blending step and just do a defined color blocked tote).  Once you’re done blending, lay to dry.

    DIY ombré wedding tote by oh lovely day | tutorial
    {my kid doesn’t like to wear pants when it’s 90 degrees – wish I could get away with it myself!}
    You could use these totes as your welcome bags for out-of-town guests, to gift to your bridesmaids with their pretty presents inside, as a thank you to your wedding vendors, or just for yourself to carry all of your wedding planning inspiration.  The best part is you can do them in your wedding colors and change them up however you like them best.  I picked the blues and the ombré because I was inspired by the ocean.  Tell me how you would do them and what would inspire you?  
    What do you think about today’s DIY Ombré Totes?  I’d love to hear!  And what type of DIY would you like to see next?
    *all photos taken with my iPhone and property of Oh Lovely Day
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