• DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

    mason jar snow globes DIY tutorial by oh lovely day

    I so love this time of year.  Baking cookies, wrapping gifts, seeing family and friends, and lots and lots of crafting fill my month, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I made these last year but forgot to photograph and blog them, so I thought I would do it this year.  I saw them at anthropologie last year for like $20 a piece, and since I have a ton of mason jars I decided to DIY them instead.

    This year I made three styles in three different sized mason jars, so there is a variety to choose from.  I hope you like!

    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day

    {Materials Needed}
    mason jars (any type or size is fine)
    bottle brush trees
    -metallic and/or glitter spray paint (I used gold)
    toy mini-animals
    glue gun & glue sticks

    1. Spray paint your animals, trees (I sprayed some gold and left some natural) and your mason jar lids and rings (I left some silver and sprayed some gold)

    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day

    2. Heat up your glue gun. Put a dollop of glue on the bottom of your tree and press it into the inside of the mason jar lid.

    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day

    3.  Continue doing this until you’ve placed whatever decor of trees or animals that you want for your globe on the lid.  Then squeeze a very small amount of glue along the inside of the lid ring.

    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day

    4.  Place the decorated lid inside the glued ring and press down.  Below are examples of the small, natural one I did and the medium sized gold one I did.

    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day

    5.  Next you need to add your snow to the jar.  For the small jelly jar-sized mason I used one tablespoon of snow.  For the half pint-size I used two.  For the larger full pint mason, I used 4 (more on that below).  Then screw the decorated lid into the snow-filled mason jar.

    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day
    6. Flip the mason jar, to create the “snow globe.”
    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day
    So above is the smaller and medium sized jar options.  For the larger mason jar, I did something a little different.
    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day
    I tied one of the bottle brush trees to one of Charlie’s matchbox cars (which actually belonged to my husband when he was a kid so it is an actual vintage matchbox car!)  Then I lightly glued the car to a piece of cardboard that I measured to fit inside the mouth of the large mason jar. I then put the cardboard with the car and tree glued to it inside the mason jar, added 4 tablespoons of snow, and put the lid on.  I kept this one laying on its side.  And here are the finished globes.
    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day
    DIY mason jar snow globes tutorial from oh lovely day
    These would make great gifts, favors, or wedding table decor for winter weddings.  And I love bringing them out each year for the holidays.  You can even personalize them for each family member. I’m going to spray paint some mini dinosaurs gold and make one just for Charlie 🙂
    So, what do you think of the mason jar snow globe DIY?  Which is your favorite?
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    1. Posted Dec 13 at 2:46 pm | Permalink

      These are so super cute! Love the tree on the car idea, well done!

    2. Yvonne
      Posted Dec 15 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

      I have seen this DIY in several places, but your twist with the car is brilliant! Thank you for sharing this tutorial!

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