• Get Your Skin “Wedding Ready”

    You get engaged, you start planning your wedding, and then the beauty regimens begin.  I remember I started getting regular facials, waxes, upping my exercise, tans… all 6-8 months in advance of my wedding so that I would look perfect on my big day.  I have friends who had microdermabrasion and fraxel laser treatments.  Some girls probably even have botox.  But what if I told you that you could start a new skin regimen that would give you your best skin on your wedding day, and you could do it at home, and for way less than all of those expensive treatments.  And the best part, it actually works!  If that gets you excited, you’re in luck.  Because such a product (actually many of them all from one company) exists!  And almost every beauty magazine, Oprah, Martha Stewart Weddings, and more are loving them.  For a round up of all of the praise in the press, go here.

    rave reviews for rodan + fields

    I’m in my early 30’s, have a two year old little boy, and don’t get nearly enough sleep, hydration, or grooming time as I need or would like.  Since I had a baby I started to look straight up OLD.  My skin was dry, my pores were bigger, and I was getting fine lines and wrinkles. My skin just looked dull.  And I was breaking out because of all of that dull dead skin, and all those baby hormones going crazy in my body.  Nobody wants to deal with that before their wedding, or after they had a baby and aren’t feeling all that great, or ever really.  My friend told me about Rodan + Fields and their products and their 60 day money back guarantee.  So I thought, what do I have to lose?  Nothing.  So I bought my first Anti-Age skincare regimen.  And I never looked back.  I never took a ‘before’ photo, probably because I was skeptical that it would even work. But my friend did, and she is letting me share it with you today.


    After one use I felt smoother skin.  After two weeks I looked brighter and more dewy.  After 2 months my skin is brand new!  My pores have shrunk, the fine lines have diminished a lot, the texture of my skin is amazing.  It feels as soft as my little boy’s baby skin.  I haven’t had any more breakouts.  I have a new, fresh face!  I was telling so many people how much I love these products and how well they work, that I thought they should pay me for this.  And then I realized, if I sell it, they will.  So now I do.  Full disclosure – I do make commission from what I sell.  But I was a very happy customer before I ever started selling.

    And now I’m spreading the word that if you want to get your skin wedding ready, or freshened up, or back to your old skin I can help you.  Want more information?  Leave your email address in the comments, and I’ll send you more info.  You can also go shop around and look at the products at my shop, and if you aren’t sure which regimen or product you need, try out the solutions tool which will tell you what products are best for you.  There are lines for sun damage, acne-prone skin, and sensitive skin, as well as their anti-age regimen called Redefine (which is the one I use).  My favorite products (and the ones I use): the redefine regimen, the night serum, the eye cream, the microdermabrasion paste, and the macro exfoliator.

    rodan + fields macro exfoliator

    Oh, let me tell you a little bit about their new macro exfoliator.  This tool literally removes 5 million dead skin cells from your face in 5 minutes, once a week.  At home.  People are having amazing results after just one use!  This product was just launched 3 weeks ago, and a 90 day supply of the product have already sold out.  You can’t get one now!  But leave a comment below if you want to be on the waitlist and provide your email, and I will send you info about how you can get one and get it at over 25% off!

    rodan + fields macro exfoliator resultsAnd did I tell you about their 60 day money back guarantee?  And if you enroll as a preferred customer you can get a 10% discount and free shipping. On top of all of that, your skin is going to look fabulous and you’re going to feel good about that. So what are you waiting for? Leave your email in the comments below or email me directly for more information and to get started!

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    1. Hollie
      Posted Mar 2 at 6:20 am | Permalink

      Awesome post! I use Rodan and Fields too and you aren’t lying when you say this stuff really works. It’s like a miracle-worker! I hope your readers jump on this.

    2. Posted Mar 2 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

      I would like to be on the waitlist! Thank you!

    3. marley
      Posted Mar 5 at 5:48 am | Permalink

      Please send me more info, price etc.

    4. Posted Mar 19 at 8:26 pm | Permalink

      I would love to hear more about this product when it is avaliable for purchase!


    5. Lyndsey Murphy
      Posted Jul 30 at 6:51 am | Permalink

      I’d love some more information about this product 🙂 Getting married in January and need some help!

    6. Brittany
      Posted Apr 11 at 7:44 pm | Permalink

      Is the offer still available for the 25% off? Let me know!

      • Posted Apr 12 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

        Hi Brittany-
        That promotion expired, but email me and I can let you know about other deals! chandra (at) ohlovelyday (dot) com

    7. Sherry Yeager
      Posted Aug 9 at 9:45 am | Permalink

      I need this product badly!!

    8. tracy
      Posted Nov 7 at 8:11 pm | Permalink

      let me know when it’s available again

    9. Lindsay
      Posted Jul 2 at 8:33 pm | Permalink

      Id like to know more about this!

    10. Shirley
      Posted Jul 11 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

      love to know more about this product!

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