• Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding: Diane & Jon

    Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo

    I love a wedding that has a glamorous gown but that also has beer pong. It’s totally my kind of wedding. This couple wanted a relaxed wedding and an unforgettable party that celebrated their love. So they got married at their favorite park and infused their wedding celebration with lots of handmade and personal details. So much rustic chic goodness and details from the bride! Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo

    In the spirit of having an informal and relaxed wedding, we chose to go with a natural, organic and homemade feel with a pop of spontaneity and color, without being matchy-matchy. I wanted to have a personal touch in everything that was made for the wedding to ensure it kept consistent with the theme. So I ended up hand making everything from scratch, from the invitations to the menus to the favors to the table set-ups to the distressed hand painted tables to the mason jars lining the aisles with burlap to our very favorite part, the old wooden ladders (brought all the way from Maine!) to hold the escort cards.

    Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo

    My husband said his favorite part of our wedding was first seeing me walk down the aisle, and my favorite part was standing at the ceremony, holding hands and reading our personal, adorable and funny vows that we wrote to each other.

    Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey PhotoRustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo

    My father cut down real birch branches from his house in New Hampshire and personally sawed and created the precious table number holders. My close friend hand sewed the burlap table runners and my mother and sister and I personally collected (from dozens of consignment stores) 100 vintage, non-matching, unique handkerchiefs for the guests to use at the reception. We did the same for the 80 different glass flowers jars for the centerpieces. My mother collected dozens and dozens of different shades of antique blue glass jars and then I found additional jars at various second-hand stores all around the state.

    Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo Rustic Chic Pennsylvania Wedding | Morrissey Photo

    What made your wedding YOU?

    Getting married outside at our favorite park and all of the handmade creative details we included throughout the entire wedding made it us.

    This is one of those weddings that would have been fun to attend as a guest: emotional ceremony, personal and handmade details, and beer pong = wedding fun trifecta! Congrats to Diane & Jon!

    {Vendors} Photographer:  Morrissey Photo / Floral Designer: Domenic Graziano Flowers / Bride gown: Lazaro custom gown and custom beaded belt / DJ: DJ Perry Angelozzi / Ceremony Venue: Core Creek Park (Langhorne, PA) and Reception Venue: Northampton Valley Country Club / Officiant – Mayor Dennis O’Brien of Newtown, PA / Hair Stylist: Beauty Marks / Makeup: Daneene Jensen & Associates / From Etsy: GlamorousBijoux made my hair piece / WeddingForYou made the burlap bags for the favors / Papermasters provided the carved wooden sticks for the programs

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      So absolutely charming!

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