• 5 New Ideas for Using Mason Jars

    5 new ways to use mason jars | ohlovelyday.com

    It’s no secret that I’m a mason jar lover. But like all good things, we start to see the same ideas over and over. Everyone is looking for the next great “mason jar idea.” Whether you’re looking for “the new mason jar” for your wedding or home decor, I’ve rounded up 5 new and unique mason jar ideas.

    1. Mason Jar Marquee Monogram Light

    I love a good marquee sign in a wedding or home. In fact, I’ve been wanting to DIY one for our new place. I might just have to use this tutorial from Oleander and Palm – it’s freaking brilliant!

    5 new ways to use mason jars | ohlovelyday.com

    2. Fabric or Paper Lined Mason Jars

    Have a favorite fabric or pretty paper and some not-so-pretty masons? Combine the two to use for pretty storage or tea light holders (just use the LED ones instead of real fire!). Check out the tutorial for the fabric masons from fellow fellow here and the paper masons via Easy Living here.

    5 new ways to use mason jars | ohlovelyday.com

    3. Metallic Masons 2.0

    The idea of spray painting mason jars gold isn’t exactly new anymore, but I still love the idea of metallic masons. You can spray them gold, dip them in glitter, turn them into mercury glass, or even use fishnet stockings to spray paint a cool metallic pattern on them, like Brit & Co did in the center photo. (gold masons by Lovely Little Details, mercury glass mason from Pottery Barn, and glittery gold mason from Lilyshop.

    5 new ways to use mason jars | ohlovelyday.com

    4. Mason Jar Terraniums

    I love masons, I love succulents, and I love terraniums. This one is pretty self explanatory, but not yet overdone. Check out the how-to from Home Depot (bottom right) and more from Funcast (top) and Style Me Pretty (bottom left).

    5 new ways to use mason jars | ohlovelyday.com

    5. Sweater-covered Mason Jars

    I’m sort of loving this last idea as a cozy way to decorate your masons (think winter wedding or baby shower!). You can cut the sleeve off an old sweater like Brit & Co did in the top photo, or you can knit yourself a little coozy like these from Dottie Angel.

    Aren’t these so fun and different? I’m especially loving the mason marquee monogram idea!

    If you love masons like I do, be sure to follow our Mason Jar Pinterest Board for lots of inspiration. I’ll be adding more of my favorite mason jar uses in future posts, and you can also find my favorite 10 Mason Jar Wedding Ideas and my favorite and most unique idea for masons (which you saw here first way back in 2010, but it’s been re-blogged and reposted SO many times without giving me a shout out…oh well.) Oh, and here’s how you can turn any jar into an aqua mason, if those are your favorite.

    Do you still love mason jars? What’s your favorite way to use them?

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    1. Posted Oct 2 at 10:30 am | Permalink

      Great ideas! Love how it’s not just for weddings for centerpieces but actual ideas that anyone could use.

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      Fabulous, what a web site it is! This blog gives helpful facts to us, keep it up.

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