• Top Weddings of 2013

    It’s almost time to ring in 2014, but first I’d like to revisit my favorite weddings of 2013. It is hard to choose, as there were so many fabulous weddings to choose from. But based on the traffic and comments, these were the top weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day. Enjoy!

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | DIY Carnival Wedding from Jennie Andrews Photography

    A pretty pastel DIY wedding with a fabulously fun carnival-themed reception from Jennie Andrews (this one was so fabulous, it got not one but TWO features).

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | Modern Quirky Quaker Wedding by Jennifer Roper

    A quirky modern Quaker wedding at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum from Jennifer Roper.

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | Rustic Ranch Santa Cruz Wedding From Sun and Sparrow

    A perfectly branded rustic ranch wedding in Santa Cruz from Sun & Sparrow Photography.

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | Great Gatsby Inspired Fall Wedding by Casey Connell

    Great Gatsby-inspired Rustic Glam Fall Wedding from Casey Connell.

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | Glamorous San Juan Capistrano Mission Wedding by Heidi Ryder Photography

    Glamorous Black & White Striped San Juan Capistrano Mission Wedding from Heidi Ryder Photography.

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | Modern Harvest Wedding by Mike Olbinski

    Golden Modern Harvest Wedding from Mike Olbinski Photography.

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | Elegant Destination Wedding in Puerto Rico by 1313 Photography

    Elegant Destination Wedding in Puerto Rico from 1313 Photography.

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | DIY Same Sex Barn Wedding from Love and Perry Photography

    Same-sex DIY Barn Wedding from Love and Perry Photography.

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | Handmade Ombre Wedding from Amy Carroll Photography

    Handmade Ombré Wedding from Amy Carroll Photography

    Top Weddings of 2013 on Oh Lovely Day | British Columbia backyard wedding from mikaela ruth photography

    Beautiful backyard vineyard wedding full of modern DIY and vibrant colors from Mikaela Ruth Photography.

    Looking back at all of the weddings I featured in 2013 I can’t believe that I get to be the one to share them with you. I’m still in awe that this little blog that I started four years ago (on New Year’s Day 2010) has taken off like it has and gets such lovely submissions. I feel honored to get to share your weddings, your work, your photographs, your art and creativity, and your lives, as well as my own. I feel so lucky and am so appreciative of each and every one of you who submit, read, comment, pin, share, follow, and get inspired. Thank you thank you thank you. I’m really excited about some things in store for 2014 and think it will be the best year yet!

    Happy New Year to you all. I wish you all health, happiness, and many lovely days in 2014. xx

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    1. Posted Dec 31 at 7:10 am | Permalink

      Oh my! That Museum wedding is AMAZING!!!

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