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    Charlie’s Big Boy Room Tour | Oh Lovely Day

    Charlie's Big Boy Room Tour | Oh Lovely Day
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       Today's #OLDfivefaves are my picks for colorful baby shower gifts, plus a link at true bottom of the post to my list of 15 favorite gifts for baby that I did for @itsmomtastic -- find it all on the blog, link in profile. And while you're there, go one post down and enter my #OLDlovesMOMS giveaway too (see a few IG posts back for a look at all 9 prizes!)
       After teething and croup, my happy baby is back. Happy and squirmy is you to a T. #36weeks #calvinsweekbyweek // any mommas of super strong squirmy babies have tips for flying at this age? Cal is never still, he flips over and tries to crawl away the second you lay him down to change his diaper or get him dressed. He even squirms free of nursing or bottle feeding. It's like wrestlemania anytime you try to get him to lay or sit still. So I have no idea what a 5 hour flight is going to be like in a couple weeks  tips, products & app recs, etc welcome.
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