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    Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography

    When this Here Comes The Pup inspiration shoot landed in my inbox, I knew that not only would pet lovers be smitten with it, but all couples would find inspiration from it. Because it’s just so darn pretty. It’s full of ideas for including your furry family in your wedding but it’s also so much more. And the gals behind the shoot are sharing tips for making your wedding below.

    Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography Pet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer PhotographyPet Friendly Wedding Inspiration | Lemon & Lime Events | Meghan Boyer Photography

    One of the wedding trends on-the-rise for 2014 is couples incorporating their furry friends into their big day. We love it when our lemon & lime event design couples want to bring their pups along for the ride, because we’re all big dog people and know the huge role dogs play in our lives! Just like everything else focused around the wedding, involving your dogs does take some planning and can go really wrong if you don’t prepare for it, so below are some helpful hints!

    • Many couples want their four-legged friend to walk down the aisle, and who can blame them?! As wedding planners, we’re usually in charge of the dogs throughout the day, but if you don’t have a planner, we would recommend hiring a dog walker or outside friend to be in charge of your pup. You don’t want any of your guests, in particular your bridal party or family, having to babysit during the wedding.
    • Don’t forget he or she will need to dress the part! Purchase a cute leash that matches the colors your bridal party is wearing, dress up the leash with some flowers or greenery, or place a floral wreath or sign around your dog’s neck. Everyone should look their best for your special day!
    • If your dog is not the best behaved pup, don’t force the ceremony role. We know they are your babies, but if you’re at all worried about them being at the ceremony, then it’s best to work them in somewhere else. we’ve seen and heard horror stories of dogs practically ruining ceremonies before, so if you’re at all worried about how your dog will act, it’s best to not involve them in that part of the wedding.
    • We do not recommend the bride walking the dog down the aisle. This is an iconic moment for most brides and carting along a dog can really complicate things. This moment should be about you and we all know how dogs can be sometimes, especially in a different setting around many new people. To be safe, just give your pup to a bridal party member that knows him or her well!
    • If you’re dog is younger or doesn’t do too well around large groups of people, make arrangements for someone to bring him or her for photos only. Hire a local dog walking company to bring your dog to and from the wedding location so you don’t have to put any friends to work. You can also have your local dog walking company pet sit for your wedding day and night so you can enjoy the party without worrying that your dog isn’t happy at home.
    • If you want to incorporate your dog without physically bringing him or her, you can incorporate your pup into the decor! From photos of your pet on your save the dates to silhouettes of your dog’s profile on your wedding day paper products (escort cards, menus, etc), your guests will feel the love you both have for your pup even without his or her presence. Consider giving guests “doggie bags” to take your dog theme further. Every one loves to take home treats, dogs and humans alike!
    • Bring lots of treats to help get your dog to cooperate for photos. Even the best behaved dogs can get unruly when there are new people around, so treats can be used to rein him or her in!

    We are loving that more and more couples are giving their dogs a role in their wedding… they are a huge part of peoples’ lives and the pictures of them all dolled up are just too cute!

    I couldn’t agree more – pups in weddings are so sweet. To incorporate them successfully, make sure you follow the tips above. And if they aren’t the most well-behaved, just have a few photos taken with them before or after the wedding. Thanks so much to the ladies of lemon and lime event design!

    {Vendors} Photographer: Meghan Boyer Photography / Floral Design: Mobtown Florals / Styling and Paper Products: lemon & lime event design / Hair and Make-Up: Behind the Veil, LLC / Rentals and Linens: Select Event Rentals / Bridesmaid Dresses: Ceremony by Joanna August and LulaKate from Bella Bridesmaid Baltimore / Bridal Dress: Saja Wedding from Bella Bridesmaid Baltimore / Groom’s Apparel: J. Ferrar / Groomsman’s Suit: Brooks Brothers / Groomsman’s Tie: Quintessential Gentleman / Jewelry: The Diamond Exchange of Cockeysville / Dog Treats: Dogma

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    1. Posted Mar 31 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

      This is too cute!!

    2. Posted Mar 31 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

      Yay! We had such a blast with this shoot. We hope the tips are helpful to brides and grooms t0-be 🙂

    3. Posted Mar 31 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

      Such a fun shoot! Thank you for featuring it!

    4. Posted Apr 2 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

      So cute!! And great tips. I knew my dog wouldn’t be able to handle the ceremony with all those people. But I got some sweet shots of him in my lap while I got my hair and makeup done. 🙂

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