• Shared Kid’s Art Room and Office Space

    Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day

    Since we moved into our current home almost two years ago, I have been meaning to transform this little breakfast nook into an office. Until recently it was my office, but was really more of a storage area. It was not pretty, and did not inspire me in my work, nor was it a place I wanted to spend a lot of time. I started thinking that my son Charlie, who is into art and reading and practicing his writing, could use his own space to create. So I collaborated with The Land of Nod, my favorite spot for decor and fun things that appeal to kids as well as grown ups, and created a shared art room/work space for Charlie and I to share.

    Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day

    Because I was working with such a small space, I wanted to work with clean and simple furniture. These white campaign desks were perfect because they create a uniformity and anchor the room along the walls, while the acrylic desk chairs basically disappear — giving the room a bigger feel. Plus they’re so cool.Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely DayShared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day

    In the foreground you can see a peek of the giant chalkboard wall I also made (which I’ll be sharing a DIY of later this week!). I was originally going to put Charlie’s work space up against that chalkboard wall, but as soon as I made it I realized he would never allow the wall to be blocked — he likes to create on the entire wall. So that’s how the shared space idea was born. Can I also just mention how much I love that zebra rug? All the heart eyes for the zebra.

    Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day

    Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day

    For my own space, I was excited to finally display prints that I had been collecting for a while on those fabulous gold shelves from The Land of Nod. Charlie has grey ones on his side to display some of his dinos and Star Wars figurines as well.Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day

    That wall paper holder is key — it keeps paper easily accessible for him, is out of the way being on the wall, and has a shelf on top for displaying special projects. I also love the cubby cups for storing all of his colorful art supplies (which can also be hung on the wall if you want more desk space). But my favorite detail are the color reference drawers. They add fun pops of color and a retro “card catalog” feel that I love, and I don’t know a kid that doesn’t love little drawers to hide their treasures. And that globe was mine when I was little, so it is so special to me for my kids to have a place to display it and dream of traveling the world one day like I used to.

    Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day

    My own set of cubby cups finally gives me a place to display all of those pens, tags, washi tape, pencils, and other fun goodies I hoard from the $1 bin at Target. Don’t you just love the $1 bin?

    Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day

    I also loved including this little reading nook in the space. Charlie has more books than we have space to display, so I brought out some of our favorite classics and all of my old Little Golden Books so he can curl up on that furry bean bag and read some things that get forgotten in the bigger bookshelf in his bedroom. Plus, any excuse to use an acrylic book cart, right!?

    Shared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely DayShared Art Room & Office Space | Oh Lovely Day

    I’m thrilled with how the room turned out, but even more than that I’m thrilled with how much it has been used since I finished it. Charlie wants to sit at his desk and draw every chance he gets. We’ve almost used an entire roll of paper already! And I have been able to do more work with a clean workspace and an occupied kid.

    The space already had a great built-in hutch, which I use for storage for samples I am sent, projects I’ve done, props, party supplies, and other blog-related fun. The shelf space is a great spot for Charlie’s finished art work to dry or wait to be hung. I rotate his art every few days and let him pick new pieces to display on the wall. I also put up his favorite pieces that he brings home from school, and store the other special pieces in colorful plastic bins.

    I really do believe that having a great space helps both kids and adults to be more creative and productive. Big thanks to The Land of Nod for helping me bring my vision to life and creating a space that both Charlie and I love and can work in. All of the sources for products are listed below in case you want to create your own workspace, play space, or art room. The Land of Nod is actually having a play room sale with 15% off so now’s the time to buy!

    I’ve also partnered with The Land of Nod to giveaway a $250 gift card to one lucky instagram follower — so be sure to head over there and follow along (rules will be listed in the giveaway post in my feed). Good luck! And stay tuned, because later this week I’m sharing the DIY chalkboard wall that I also made as part of this project. What would you use your $250 for?

    {Sources} Desks, rug, desk chairs, book cart, shelves, cork board, cubby cups, paper roll holder: The Land of Nod (each specific item already linked directly in above post) / Globe: Vintage / Prints: hand lettered ones on clips from A Fabulous Fete; Work Hard & Be Nice from Minted; Full Heart one from Baby Jives; Positive Pants, Keep Going, and Punch Today in the Face from Lavender & Lace Co; Make It Happen from Laura Casey Shop / Lucite tray on my desk (and Never Met A Color I Didn’t Love Print): Pencil Shavings Studio / Acrylic mini-compartment tray, gold office supplies, party hats, curtains, gold elephant: Target / Hanging art display cord and clips: Ikea (this was the biggest pain in the butt to assemble, in my opinion) / Mint filing cabinet: CB2 / furry bean bag: PB Teen

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