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    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Stuff You Need for Baby 2016

    Before Quincy was born this year, I thought I knew all there was to know about baby gear. He’s only 18 months younger than my middle child, so I assumed not much had changed. Then I discovered all the new stuff out there — baby gear and tech products that are absolute game changers. So even though I didn’t plan to add many new things to our list of essentials the third time around, I couldn’t resist picking up some of the innovative, cool baby gear that’s really been life changing with baby #3.

    And here’s the thing: These baby gear game changers will come in handy for new moms, as well as those that (like me) think they already have everything they need. Because when something makes your life easier as a mom, it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran momma or a first timer. From something as simple as a $15 gas reliever to a jogging stroller that is the first of it’s kind, these are the baby gear game changers that every parent needs to know about.

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    Owlet Baby Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor


    This smart sock is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. Using pulse oximetry, the same technology that hospitals use, the smart sock monitors baby’s breathing and oxygen levels while they sleep, so you can rest worry-free. I think nervous first-time parents will especially love this! You can read more about it here and get $25 discount through this link just for my readers (no code required).


    UPPAbaby G-Link Double Umbrella Stroller

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    Having two under two is a special kind of challenging, and a double stroller is essential. The UPPAbaby G-Link is perfect for on-the-go — I keep this in our minivan and use it when we do school drop-off and pick-up for my oldest, quick errands, and zoo and museum visits. It’s super light and easy to fold and store, and my oldest can even help push. The best part is each seat can recline separate of the other, so one can nap or both can. And the seat has an insert allowing it to work starting at birth.

    Fridababy FeverFrida the iThermometer

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    From the genius minds behind the NoseFrida, the FeverFrida is a wearable device that constantly monitors your baby or child’s temperature and syncs it to an app on your smartphone. I recently used this with my oldest as he was suffering from ear infections and fever and it was a lifesaver since he hates getting his temp taken. I rested easier knowing if his fever spiked I would get an alert and could go check on him.


    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    Designed to offer a safe, snug, and soothing environment for baby to sleep in and totally breathable — this product is a great option to put inside baby’s crib or to use if you co-sleep. And it helps baby transition to new sleeping environments, like co-sleeping to crib or crib to bed and works as a travel bed, too. I’ve used this with Quincy from an early age and he seems to love the cozy feeling and falls asleep easily.

    Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    Shopping with baby just became that much easier thanks to this cool product. Solved is the “my infant carrier takes up the whole shopping cart” problem — Binxy Baby lets you put baby directly into the hammock or secure your infant seat safely into it, leaving the cart beneath baby free to fill with groceries or all that stuff at Target you don’t need.

    Hatch Smart Pad

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    This changing pad is probably my favorite new thing in baby gear. It is a changing pad and a scale in one, helping you keep track of baby’s weight, feedings, sleep, and more. It syncs to an app on your phone so you can have access to the info anytime and anywhere. It’s especially helpful if you’re a breastfeeding mom and need to check your baby’s weight between doctor’s visits. I have one and I love it! It has been a lifesaver with Quincy’s reflux management since his med dosage depends on his weight.

    FridaBaby NailFrida

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    Two things on this list should be on every registry and in every baby gift, regardless of whether you’re having your first baby or your 5th. So simple, so affordable, and so helpful, the NailFrida are nail clippers for baby that have a safety window so you can see the nail where you are clipping. It also has a curved blade similar to baby scissors — making it almost impossible to clip baby’s skin when you are trimming their nails. This thing is worth its weight in gold times 100.

    Ergobaby Adapt

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    I’ve been vocal about my love of baby wearing and Ergobaby carriers here on my blog and also on my instagram feed. The only downside was that you can’t really use the carrier with newborns without an insert. It is sort of a pain in the ass to always have to do the insert, remember to take it places, etc. Well, Ergobaby fixed all of that with their new Adapt 3 position carrier. You can use it starting at birth and without an insert and until your child is 45 pounds (which is way longer than any of my kids every wanted to be worn).

    Orbit Baby O2 Jogging Stroller

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    Love to jog? This stroller is for you. It works with baby in either the parent- or forward-facing directions and with either the infant seat or toddler seat attached; it’s the first jogging stroller of its kind to do so. It also makes for a great urban stroller when you aren’t exercising.

    The 4Moms Highchair

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    After two babies I still had not found a highchair I loved. Until I met the new one from 4Moms (I have not found a product yet that they make that I don’t love!) This highchair is super easy to put together, even easier to clean (the most important feature of any highchair in my opinion), is lightweight, and doesn’t take up a ton of space. But the really cool feature of the chair is that it has a magnetic tray, which is how the tray locks into place (making it dummy-proof). And it is compatible with special magnetic dishes (the chair comes with one bowl and you can buy more here) that are designed to stay put on the tray.

    The FridaBaby Windi
    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    The Fridababy Windi is so simple and so brilliant! All infants suffer from gas from time to time, and if you have a baby with colic (like I do) the suffering is much more frequent. This little tool helps relieve baby’s discomfort quickly and easily. It seems a little weird at first, but I’m telling you IT WORKS MIRACLES. Buy a few so you don’t run out when you need them.

    New Baby Gear & Tech That Will Make Your Life as a Parent Easier | Oh Lovely Day

    Now let’s be honest for a sec: do you NEED all of these? No, you don’t need ALL of them. But you are going to want them all, and for good reason. I would say you do need the FridaBaby products for sure. If you are a first time parent, I think the Owlet is an essential. If you have multiple kids, the G-Link and Binxy Baby make life way more convenient. And the Hatch Pad is a game changer for breastfeeding moms. Every single one of these products will add a bit more convenience to your life, and as a mom of 3 (especially two under two) convenience is gold.

    Do you have any of these? Share your thoughts, or any other new(ish) products that are game changers for you.


    This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something by clicking one of these links, I may make a small commission, which helps me to continue to bring you helpful content here on this blog. Thanks for the support.

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    •  You know what is a great motivator? Not wanting to be outdone by your big bro. Cause look who's pulling himself up, so he can keep up  #quincysmilestones #calvinandquincy #lawdhelpme #charlieandcalsroomredo  There were very few baby things I hadn't yet tried by the time I had Quincy but I hadn't really used a sling before. I got my first sling when I was still pregnant with Q and tried it with Calvin, but once Cal was walking he never wanted to be carried. He's far too busy for all that. So Quincy is the first baby I've used a sling with, and I feel like I really missed out with the other two. I had and loved other carriers with them (and still do) but there is just something about the sling that is magical and it is my carrier of choice right now. It is convenient (you can keep it threaded and just throw it on), it is cozy, it doesn't tightly wrap behind my back which always makes me sweaty, and I can nurse while Quincy is in it which has been a lifesaver. I'm actually nursing him in this photo! I'm sharing photos from our recent visit to the pumpkin patch and how I got to do all the things with my family while wearing Quincy in the sling because I didn't have to stay with him in the stroller or go find a place to nurse him. He chilled, ate, and napped in my sling. And because I love it so much I'm teaming up with @mywildbird to give one reader a sling of their choice! Head to my blog to enter (link in profile) and tell your friends  #OLDfavefinds #babywearing #mywildbird #giveaway #fredrickfamfallfun
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