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    How To DIY Colorful Bottle Brush Trees

    How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day

    You may be seeing these colorful little bottle brush trees all over Pinterest and Instagram this holiday season. They are even selling them at Anthropologie. But if you don’t want to spend the money on ones that are already made, I’m sharing how to DIY them yourself. And they are easy! Warning: these are way addicting and if you are making them for gifts you are going to want to keep them for yourself.

    How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day

    What you’ll need:

    • Bleached bottle brush trees (make them here)
    • Rit dye (or pretty much any kind of dye you want to use) I used this one and this one.
    • a cup taller than your largest tree
    • rubber gloves
    • paper towels

    How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day

    How to make them:

    1. First, you need to make sure you have bleached your trees, per my tutorial here.
    2. Once your bleached trees are dry they are ready to dye.
    3. Mix your colors. I used half liquid Rit dye, 1/2 hot water in a plastic cup.
    4. Dip your tree. You can dip dye them half way for a color blocked effect or dye them all the way for a bit, then halfway for a bit longer for an ombré effect.
    5. After you’ve dyed it the way you like, rinse in cold water till water runs clear.
    6. Stand trees on paper towel to dry (I lined a cookie sheet with paper towels to dry mine so I could move them to another location easily if necessary)
    7. Let dry for a few hours or overnight.

    How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day

    Aren’t these just the happiest little trees? There are so many ways you can use them for holiday decor – I love just lining them up and displaying them on a shelf or mantle. And I’m sharing my two favorite ways to incorporate them into gifts in the coming days, so come back for more reasons to make these (as if you needed them!) And follow along on instagram for more DIY sneak peeks and Pinterest for lots of ideas on what to do with these guys.

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    How To: Bleach Bottle Brush Trees

    DIY: how to bleach bottle brush trees | Oh Lovely Day

    If you follow me on instagram, you’ve been seeing peeks into the fun I’ve been having with bottle brush trees over here. So I wanted to share some things I’ve been working on, because they make quick and easy gifts, are so fun, and are I know you will want to make these as much as I do. So first up in my bottle brush series is how to bleach bottle brush trees. It’s really super easy!

    What you’ll need:

    • bottle brush trees (available at most craft stores, but I bought these online – get a bunch, this is addicting)
    • bleach
    • a small tub or bucket
    • tongs (like ones you use in your kitchen)
    • a well-ventilated area (I did these by my kitchen sink near two open windows
    • rubber gloves and a mask if you’d like (I used neither)
    • paper towels on the ready

    DIY: how to bleach bottle brush trees | Oh Lovely Day

    How to bleach the trees:

    1. Remove all of your bottle brush trees from packaging.
    2. Mix about 1/2 bleach and 1/2 hot water in your tub.
    3. Immerse your trees (you can do one at a time, a few together, or all of them at once) into the bleach mixture. You’ll see some color come off immediately. Some of my trees turned white really quickly, and others took a few minutes.
    4. Once your tree is the shade of white you want (they are more of an antique, yellowed white than a bright white) remove them one at a time with your tongs and rinse under cold water.
    5. Stand them up on paper towels to dry (I lined a cookie sheet with paper towels and placed them on it so I could move it out of the way if necessary).

    DIY: how to bleach bottle brush trees | Oh Lovely Day

    If you want a minty green color tree like some of the ones above, take them out of the bleach before they turn white. I made some mint colored ones too, and used them to decorate Charlie’s teacher gifts this year.

    Ok, start bleaching those trees! Because next I have a DIY for dip dyeing them, and this is just the first step. Stay tuned. And follow along on instagram for more DIY sneek peeks and Pinterest for lots of ideas on what to do with these guys (I’ve got my favorite idea coming up tomorrow!)

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    DIY Winter Floral Crown

    DIY Winter Floral Crown | MV Florals & Megan Welker | Oh Lovely DayIf you’re looking for a floral crown for holiday photos or just a little Christmas fun I have a pretty DIY for you. I also love this for a winter bride!

    DIY Winter Floral Crown | MV Florals & Megan Welker | Oh Lovely Day

    Supplies Needed

    • Wire Cutters
    • Floral Tape
    • Prunners
    • Assorted floral blooms and greens in season
    • Wire



    Step 1: Measure your head with the wire and wrap the excess wire around the measurement you made.

    Step 2: Cut your blooms and greenery with a small amount of stem showing- enough to wrap tape around it. It’s ok to leave your stems a bit longer because it will make it easier to tape onto the wire and you can cut the excess stem as you place each flower onto the wire.

    Step 3: After you place the flower bloom on the wire, wrap the tape around the stem and wire, pulling on the tape so it stretches and sticks.

    Step 4: Take a piece of greenery and place over the green tape, just under the first bloom you just taped. Tape this greenery the same as you just did the first bloom. For best results, alternate taping a bloom then greenery as you continue taping.

    Step 5: Continue this pattern until you’ve completed your length of wire.

    DIY Winter Floral Crown | MV Florals & Megan Welker | Oh Lovely Day

    Aren’t these stunning for a winter bride? They would also be lovely to take as a hostess gift to your Christmas family dinner or holiday parties. Thanks again to MV Florals & Megan Welker for the lovely tutorial and photos.

    Just like with any other DIYs or craftiness, I would love to see your creations. So if you make one, instagram it with the hashtag #ohlovelyDIY so I can see all of your fabulous masterpieces!

    {Credits} Florals: MV Florals / Photos: Megan Welker Photography

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    DIY Winter Wreath

    DIY Winter Wreath for Christmas | MV Florals & Megan Welker on Oh Lovely Day

    I’m so excited about today’s post, because I have been dying to try my hand some wreath making for Christmas, and now I have the perfect DIY to follow. I’ve got a series of future floral DIYs headed your way thanks to MV Florals and Megan Welker, and first up is this Winter Wreath, just in time for Christmas! Read More »


    DIY Fall Escort Cards

    DIY Fall Escort Cards | Oh Lovely Day

    I’ve got another fun DIY coming at ya from DIY Contributor Chloe of Boxwood Avenue is sharing a fun fall escort card DIY that you can use for fall weddings or as place cards on a holiday table!

    I’m getting married next fall and have been in full on pinspiration mode for all aspects of my wedding. I really want to incorporate some fall elements into the day, but I don’t want to turn it into a harvest party. I think these escort cards are the perfect way to add a little bit of fall without going overboard – I wanted something that could double as a favor, and could be set at the table, rather than having a designated ‘seating’ table. These turned out perfectly for that, and could also be used for any upcoming holiday parties!


    • Leaves (from around your yard, make sure they aren’t too dry)
    • Gold Paint
    • Small Paint Brush
    • Tulle (or container of choice – cheesecloth, mason jar, etc…)
    • This Pen – you’ll thank me later (or just use a sharpie)
    • Baker’s Twine
    • Mulling Spices (homemade or bought)

    I picked up the leaves from around our yard, and I have to say, I love that they are foraged and not perfectly shaped or colored! I think, the more imperfections the better, because when painted, the brown spots look wonderful.

    To start, you’ll either need to buy some mulling spices (can be found here) or make your own! I used a recipe from good ‘ole Martha, but feel free to make up your own. I played around with it a bit by adding orange peel and leaving out the cardamom.

    Once you’ve got your mulling spices ready, cut your tulle into circles. I used two layers of tulle for my sachets and cut them to be about 8 inches in diameter. Another option would be to put the spices in cheesecloth (if you’re worried about the food quality of tulle) or little mason jars.

    Now you’ll want to prepare your sachets. Add your mulling spices into the center of the tulle or whatever package you’re using. Then bundle them up and tie off with some baker’s twine, but don’t tie it into a bow yet!

    DIY Fall Escort Cards | Oh Lovely Day

    Next gather as many leaves as you’ll need for your guests. The leaves will dry and become crinkly after a few days, so make sure the leaves you select are still ‘pretty’ when they’re dry. I found it easiest to use freshly fallen leaves that were still pliable for the next steps.

    DIY Fall Escort Cards | Oh Lovely Day

    Paint each leaf with a bit of gold paint, and allow to dry (should take less than 15 minutes). Once dry, use your handy new pen (or a sharpie) to write the names of your guests on the leaves. Be careful not to press too hard or you will tear the leaf.

    DIY Fall Escort Cards | Oh Lovely Day

    Now that your leaves are done, add them to your sachets. I tied a tight bow around the stem of the leaves, which worked very well; and that’s it, your guests are sure to love them!

    DIY Fall Escort Cards | Oh Lovely Day

    Such a simple DIY that makes such an impact on your table, right? If I were hosting Thanksgiving dinner I would totally make these. Thanks to Chloe for the great idea! And if you love to create, take great photos, and want to submit a DIY to be published on Oh Lovely Day, send them my way to chandra@ohlovelyday.com with the subject line DIY submission. Photos must be high quality, DIY’s original, and preferably not yet published elsewhere. Full source list and instructions should be attached to email in a word doc, photos at least 600 pixels wide, and either attached to the email or submitted via dropbox. Can’t wait to see what you are creating!

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