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    Valentine’s Day Floral Crown Tutorial

    Valentine's Day Floral Crown Tutorial | by Taylor + Taylor on Oh Lovely Day

    Today’s floral crown tutorial is for you ladies that want to give yourself a gift for Valentine’s Day (or maybe for another girlfriend who needs some love!) If you aren’t coupled up on Valentine’s Day or just find the concept a bit blah, why not head to your local flower mart by yourself or with some friends and stock up on pretty flowers. Then, with today’s tutorial from Jess over at Taylor+Taylor, you can turn them into a gorgeous floral crown and feel pretty and strong and beautiful. Read More »

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    Air Plant Wreath DIY

    Air Plant Wreath DIY Tutorial | MV Florals + Megan Welker | Oh Lovely Day


    Ok guys, now that you’ve taken down all of that holiday decor, you need something fresh and pretty to adorn your home in the new year. So, I’m sharing yet another fabulous floral tutorial from MV Florals, captured by Megan Welker. I might even like this airplant wreath better than my holiday wreath! Read More »


    DIY Modern Mason Jar Snow Globe

    DIYmodern mason jar snow globes | Oh Lovely Day

    So here is my favorite way to gift those colorful bottle brush trees I shared last week. It’s an updated version of the DIY snow globes I first shared a few years ago, and I love how the pop of color makes them modern and super fun. Here’s how to make your own. Read More »


    How To DIY Colorful Bottle Brush Trees

    How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day

    You may be seeing these colorful little bottle brush trees all over Pinterest and Instagram this holiday season. They are even selling them at Anthropologie. But if you don’t want to spend the money on ones that are already made, I’m sharing how to DIY them yourself. And they are easy! Warning: these are way addicting and if you are making them for gifts you are going to want to keep them for yourself.

    How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day

    What you’ll need:

    • Bleached bottle brush trees (make them here)
    • Rit dye (or pretty much any kind of dye you want to use) I used this one and this one.
    • a cup taller than your largest tree
    • rubber gloves
    • paper towels

    How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day

    How to make them:

    1. First, you need to make sure you have bleached your trees, per my tutorial here.
    2. Once your bleached trees are dry they are ready to dye.
    3. Mix your colors. I used half liquid Rit dye, 1/2 hot water in a plastic cup.
    4. Dip your tree. You can dip dye them half way for a color blocked effect or dye them all the way for a bit, then halfway for a bit longer for an ombré effect.
    5. After you’ve dyed it the way you like, rinse in cold water till water runs clear.
    6. Stand trees on paper towel to dry (I lined a cookie sheet with paper towels to dry mine so I could move them to another location easily if necessary)
    7. Let dry for a few hours or overnight.

    How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day How To Make Colorful Bottle Brush Trees | Dip Dye Trees | Oh Lovely Day

    Aren’t these just the happiest little trees? There are so many ways you can use them for holiday decor – I love just lining them up and displaying them on a shelf or mantle. And I’m sharing my two favorite ways to incorporate them into gifts in the coming days, so come back for more reasons to make these (as if you needed them!) And follow along on instagram for more DIY sneak peeks and Pinterest for lots of ideas on what to do with these guys.

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    How To: Bleach Bottle Brush Trees

    DIY: how to bleach bottle brush trees | Oh Lovely Day

    If you follow me on instagram, you’ve been seeing peeks into the fun I’ve been having with bottle brush trees over here. So I wanted to share some things I’ve been working on, because they make quick and easy gifts, are so fun, and are I know you will want to make these as much as I do. So first up in my bottle brush series is how to bleach bottle brush trees. It’s really super easy!

    What you’ll need:

    • bottle brush trees (available at most craft stores, but I bought these online – get a bunch, this is addicting)
    • bleach
    • a small tub or bucket
    • tongs (like ones you use in your kitchen)
    • a well-ventilated area (I did these by my kitchen sink near two open windows
    • rubber gloves and a mask if you’d like (I used neither)
    • paper towels on the ready

    DIY: how to bleach bottle brush trees | Oh Lovely Day

    How to bleach the trees:

    1. Remove all of your bottle brush trees from packaging.
    2. Mix about 1/2 bleach and 1/2 hot water in your tub.
    3. Immerse your trees (you can do one at a time, a few together, or all of them at once) into the bleach mixture. You’ll see some color come off immediately. Some of my trees turned white really quickly, and others took a few minutes.
    4. Once your tree is the shade of white you want (they are more of an antique, yellowed white than a bright white) remove them one at a time with your tongs and rinse under cold water.
    5. Stand them up on paper towels to dry (I lined a cookie sheet with paper towels and placed them on it so I could move it out of the way if necessary).

    DIY: how to bleach bottle brush trees | Oh Lovely Day

    If you want a minty green color tree like some of the ones above, take them out of the bleach before they turn white. I made some mint colored ones too, and used them to decorate Charlie’s teacher gifts this year.

    Ok, start bleaching those trees! Because next I have a DIY for dip dyeing them, and this is just the first step. Stay tuned. And follow along on instagram for more DIY sneek peeks and Pinterest for lots of ideas on what to do with these guys (I’ve got my favorite idea coming up tomorrow!)

    • The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids
    •  And just like that, summer is back  Take me back to the fall weather of two days ago! Also, take me back to when this kid slept past 5 am and took naps. For a week now, between 4:30-5:30 am this kid climbs up on our bed over top of me and proceeds to squrim, poke, and annoy me till I get up. Quincy's sleeping till 6 or later FINALLY and now Calvin is waking me up!? And he refused to nap today (again) too. Seriously you guys, he's killin' me. He looks real cute in rain gear but if he does it again tonight he's headed to toddler military school. #sotiredineedanewwordfortired #calvins3rdyear #battlefieldmotherhood  The look you get when your mom puts on some JT for your photoshoot. Hashtag: feeling it. Posted a little bts on stories/snap too. #quincysgotmovesliketimberlake #38weeks #quincysweekbyweek
       There were very few baby things I hadn't yet tried by the time I had Quincy but I hadn't really used a sling before. I got my first sling when I was still pregnant with Q and tried it with Calvin, but once Cal was walking he never wanted to be carried. He's far too busy for all that. So Quincy is the first baby I've used a sling with, and I feel like I really missed out with the other two. I had and loved other carriers with them (and still do) but there is just something about the sling that is magical and it is my carrier of choice right now. It is convenient (you can keep it threaded and just throw it on), it is cozy, it doesn't tightly wrap behind my back which always makes me sweaty, and I can nurse while Quincy is in it which has been a lifesaver. I'm actually nursing him in this photo! I'm sharing photos from our recent visit to the pumpkin patch and how I got to do all the things with my family while wearing Quincy in the sling because I didn't have to stay with him in the stroller or go find a place to nurse him. He chilled, ate, and napped in my sling. And because I love it so much I'm teaming up with @mywildbird to give one reader a sling of their choice! Head to my blog to enter (link in profile) and tell your friends  #OLDfavefinds #babywearing #mywildbird #giveaway #fredrickfamfallfun  Never did I ever expect to be so outnumbered by boys. I get asked so often if we're going to have one more baby so I can "try for a girl." It kind of feels like the person asking is insinuating that I'm missing out on something. While I always pictured myself as a mom of girls (or at least one) and had to mourn the idea I had in my mind of braiding hair and getting mother-daughter pedis, prom and wedding dress shopping, and ballet lessons, I've never felt that I'm missing out on anything getting to be the mom of my three sons. When someone says to me "wow, you have your hands full" or "you must be tired" I just smile. Because I am tired. And my hands are full. But so is my heart.  #tiredeyesfullhandscantlose #momofboys #battlefieldmotherhood #mommaandquincyselfies #mommacharlieselfies #charlieandquincy And I'm hosting a @mywildbird sling giveaway on my blog tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that!
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