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    Thanksgiving Harvest Wedding Inspiration

    Autumn Bounty Orchard Inspiration | Oh Lovely Day | Gather Events, Chris & Kristen Photography, The Vine's Leaf, Claire Pettibone

    I originally shared this stunning harvest shoot last fall, but I love it so much and think it is so perfect for this week that I had to revisit it and share it again. I’ll be sharing a round up of my favorite Cyber Week deals on Friday, including my favorite small businesses and brands and some larger sales as well. Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I’m thankful for so many things, but included in that are all of you: readers, followers, creatives, vendors, fellow mothers, bloggers, sponsors, and everyone who keeps Oh Lovely Day going. Thank you.  Read More »

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    DIY Succulent Pumpkins

    DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day

    If you follow me on instagram you saw I was busy making some fun fall goodies over the weekend. These DIY succulent pumpkins combine two of my favorite things: succulents and cute mini pumpkins. They are so easy to make, look fancier than just displaying mini pumpkins, make for great fall decor, and are also great for gifting! I made all of these while my older son and my husband carved a jack-o-lantern.

    DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day

    What You’ll Need:

    • a variety of small succulents
    • a variety of mini pumpkins and gourds (the smallest ones and the knobby gourds are harder to work with)
    • a sharp paring knife
    • a spoon for scooping

    DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day

    How To Make Them:

    1. As with carving a regular size pumpkin, cut the top off of the mini pumpkin or gourd with a paring knife. I tried a variety of sizes and found a small but sharp paring knife to work best, and feel the safest.
    2. Once you’ve cut the top off, scoop out most of the guts of the pumpkin.
    3. Choose one of your succulents and plant it inside the empty pumpkin. I found that the dirt that came with the plant was enough to fill the pumpkins, but if you choose a larger one you may need more.
    4. Display, gift, and enjoy! They are seriously that simple.
    5. DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day DIY Succulent Pumpkins | Oh Lovely Day

    Don’t you love!? These are my new go-to decor for fall. I think I love them as much, or maybe more, than my bottle brush tree snow globes that are my Christmas DIY go-to! I’d love to see these if you make them, so be sure to post on instagram and tag them with #ohlovelyDIY so I can see!


    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs

    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs: Blues Brothers | Oh Lovely Day

    Halloween is my favorite and has been since I was a kid. I love getting creative with costumes and trying to make rather than buy (it’s just more fun, don’t you think?) Since Charlie was born we’ve had fun thinking of costumes each year, and every year I think it is probably the last time that he wants to be something cool and fun and not just a Ninja Turtle or Superhero. But so far each year he has just as much fun coming up with unique ideas or dressing up in whatever I make as I do creating it. I’m super excited about what he and Calvin are going to be this year, and it would definitely be on this list if I had photos of them already. But I want to wait for the big Halloween reveal, so I’ll have to come back and update this post to add this year’s coordinating costume later.

    If you’re looking for fun costume ideas for pairs, I thought I’d share some of my favorite ideas. Whether the pair is a couple, siblings, buddies, or a parent and child — all of these would work for whatever pair you may be dressing this year.

    The Blues Brothers

    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs: Blues Brothers | Oh Lovely Day

    I may be biased (since this is my husband and son Charlie) but I think this is the cutest costume for a pair of boys or a father-son pair ever. And it is so beyond easy. We already had most of this stuff in our wardrobe, and the “cigarettes” were just rolled up paper and I colored the end. A lollipop would also work well. And before you say anything, I don’t condone children smoking, adults smoking around children, or social Halloween smoking, but it really was a key element of the costume. No kids were harmed, I swear.

    Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa

    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs: Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa | Oh Lovely Day

    One of my favorites from childhood, Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa are a great costume pair idea for a night all about candy. This momma made these costumes for her adorable boys and shared the full DIY on her blog, More Than Words Can Describe. SUPER impressive work.

    Max and Moishe from Where the Wild Things Are

    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs: Max & Moishe from Where The Wild Things Are | Oh Lovely Day

    I love choosing beloved costumes from childhood, whether you are dressing kids or adults. So I think Max and Moishe from Where The Wild Things Are is such a darling idea. And how adorable are these two brothers in their awesome homemade costumes!? From Tried And True.

    Harold & The Purple Crayon

    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs: Harold & The Purple Crayon | Oh Lovely Day

    Talk about creative! The momma behind these two cutie pies (and these fabulous tees) made these costumes for her boys last year. I love the idea of choosing a pair of your favorite storybook characters to recreate for a pair of Halloween costumes, especially when it is outside the box like this one. So good. Follow mamacase on IG to see what she dresses her boys as this year.

    Axl & Slash from Guns N’ Roses

    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs: Axl & Slash from Guns N' Roses | Oh Lovely Day

    Another fun idea where you can put some of your own wardrobe to use is an Axl and Slash costume. And it is especially adorable on two little ones, don’t you think? From Costume Works. Any famous band pair would also work well and be super fun.

    The Little Boy and Old Man from Up

    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs: The Boy and Old Man from Up | Oh Lovely Day

    Another super cute idea for a father-son costume is the little boy and old man from Up. This also comes from More Than Words Can Describe (she’s quite talented at creating costumes!)

    Any Pairing from Star Wars

    Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Pairs: Star Wars | Oh Lovely Day

    Think about it: you can pick a pair of Star Wars characters to fit any pair or couple you can think of. R2D2 and C-3PO, Han and Chewbacca, Luke and Leia, Vader and the Emperor, Jabba and bikini-clad Leia… the possibilities are endless. My two boys were R2D2 and Chewy last year — not really a pair but both were adorable and made by The Wishing Elephant (I didn’t have the energy to do costumes all by myself last year and she makes amazing ones that are so much better than Target-bought!). And with a new Star Wars movie coming out this year, it should be easy to find inspiration. May the force be with you.

    What are your favorite costume ideas for pairs? What are you or your littles dressing as this year? Post your costumes or fun/favorite costume ideas and tag them with #OLD_halloween on IG so I can follow along and see them all!

    Blues Brothers and Star Wars photos property of Oh Lovely Day. You may repost, but please give both proper credit to Oh Lovely Day and link back to this post if you do so. 

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