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    Register for Anything for Every Occasion with MyRegistry.com

    Register for Anything all in one place with MyRegistry.com | Oh Lovely DayEver wish you could register for things from lots of different stores, including places like Etsy that only exist online? Do you want just one wedding registry where you can register for things for your home from your favorite department store and experiences like a couple’s massage or dinner on your honeymoon? Or a baby registry where you can get that crib from the big store, the handmade baby mobile from that shop you found on Instagram, and college fund gifts? I know I have — as someone who got married and had her first baby several years ago my only option was choosing one or two stores to register from and being limited to their inventory. But that’s all changed with MyRegistry.com.

    register from anything from anywhere with MyRegistry.com | Oh Lovely Day

    It is the best universal registry option out there, where you can build your dream registry many different ways, like:

    • add gifts to your registry from any store on the internet
    • sync the store registries you already have
    • register for cash gifts to put towards trips or big ticket items
    • add gifts on the go with your smart phone
    • add gifts from brick and mortar stores that don’t have a website

    register from anything from anywhere with MyRegistry.com

    Using MyRegistry.com is so easy. Just put the “Add to MyRegistry” button on your bookmarks bar. Then, click the button to add a gift to your wedding registry, baby registry or wish list. You can add to it anytime and it is easy to share and spread the word with family and friends. And you don’t have to stay inside the box with tangible gifts like you see above. Register for a wine or coffee subscription, takeout from your favorite restaurant for a date night or after you have a new baby, housekeeping services, or even charitable donations!

    Those of you getting married and having babies these days are so lucky — you can literally get everything you want and need with just one registry thanks to MyRegistry.com.

    This post is sponsored by MyRegistry.com but the opinions are my own.

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    How to Choose What You Need For Baby

    How To Know What Baby Gear You Need: Using Babyli.st's Guides | Oh Lovely Day

    When you’re preparing for a new baby — especially if it is your first pregnancy — deciding what you need can be super overwhelming. You know you need a car seat, but which brand? Who makes the safest or the most convenient option? What stroller should you buy? Which swaddle works the best? If you are asking yourself “how do I prepare for baby without getting ALL THE STUFF!?” you aren’t the only one. And believe me, baby stuff takes over your life and your home, so you only want to get what you really need.

    If you are registering for your first baby or preparing for your fourth, there are things you will need that are specific to your family’s lifestyle. Just because your friends register for something doesn’t mean it is right for you. Here are some resources to help you choose what to buy or register for yourself:

    1. Ask friends or someone whose opinion you trust and who live in a similar situation for recommendations. Think about your needs — are you a city dweller that will put miles on a stroller daily or will you rarely use one?

    2. Follow mommas you trust on instagram or blogs. There is newer and cooler baby gear coming out all of the time. Your friend that had a baby two years ago might have no idea about something new on the market now that you would find to be a huge convenience, but a blogger you’ve followed for years who just had a baby will likely know about some of the newest baby trends. Often they get to try out lots of different types of gear and then share their experience. Moms with kids just a bit older than your own are a great resource.

    Babylist Best Baby Products Guide | Oh Lovely Day

    3. BabyLi.st Best Baby Products Round Up: I think Babyli.st is a brilliant site for the simple fact that you can do a baby registry and add anything to it from any store, rather than having to choose one store for your registry. But on top of that, Babyli.st has access to the reviews and opinions of thousands of parents who have used their site and what products they love best. And then Babyli.st compiled all of that information into a Best Baby Products Guide to help you. This is a great resource when buying or registering for your own baby.

    4. Check out the gear in person: Another thing I would recommend is going to a store with a wide variety of baby goodies and seeing them in person. You can see the strollers and infant seats and other gear for yourself and lift and fold it and get a feel for what you like best. After you test it out or see how it works, go back and research what would work best for your lifestyle, living situation, etc. Then you can still register for it online at someplace like Babyli.st and add the cute toys, blankets, books, and details from your favorite small businesses and makers as well.

    How To Know What Baby Gear You Need: Using Babyli.st's Guides | Oh Lovely Day

    So before you register, be sure to do your research! Babyli.st’s product guides are a great place to start, and then you can build your registry there as well. I wish they existed way back when I registered for my first baby! But even if you already had your baby the guides can help you with gear decisions later, like when choosing a convertible car seat, feeding gear, etc. They’ve got all the baby gear bases covered, making your product decisions so much easier.

    This post is sponsored by Babyli.st but the opinions, and love for the site, is all my own.


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    Register With Style and Function In Mind With The Food52 Wedding Registry

    Register with Style and Function in mind with Food52 Wedding Registry | Oh Lovely Day

    You plan your wedding with your style in mind, so why not get to register for the things that you’ll use in your new life together with your style in mind as well? The beauty of the Food52 Wedding Registry is that it allows you to register with both style and function in mind — it can be your “something new” because it is a new way of thinking about the wedding registry.

    Instead of settling on one store’s wedding registry and choosing from the things for your home that that particular store has to offer, you can register for the stuff you really want — things that are both beautiful and functional, many one-of-a-kind. You can register for the future heirlooms of your life; the things you’ll use and cherish for many years to come. The things your kids will want you to pass to them when they get married and start their own families.

    Register with Style and Function in mind with Food52 Wedding Registry | Oh Lovely Day Register with Style and Function in mind with Food52 Wedding Registry | Oh Lovely Day Register with Style and Function in mind with Food52 Wedding Registry | Oh Lovely Day

    The Food52 Registry allows you to search for items based on product type, personality, or collection. They also have guest curators who can help inspire you in your selections. And with over 3000 locally produced and unique items to choose from, many of which are exclusive to Food52 and from small makers that you wouldn’t be able to register for otherwise, you’ll truly find things that you’ll both love to use and use with love: the jadeite juicer that you use to make your kids freshly squeezed orange juice, the copper bowls that you use for baking holiday cookies each year, and the wooden cutting boards that are as pretty to look at as they are dependable to use. I can’t tell you how much I wish this registry had existed back when I got married!

    This post is sponsored by Food52 but the opinions are my own.


    {Sponsored} 5 Reasons to Have a Honeymoon Registry

    Honeymoon Registry - Beach Destination - Honeymoon Pixie

    I’ve been very vocal about my own experience using a honeymoon registry (I loved it!) almost four years ago, but it seems that some people are still on the fence about the idea.  However, the honeymoon registry is becoming popular as many couples find it most appropriate for their needs. After all, the purpose of a gift registry is to take the guesswork out of gift giving. Read More »


    {Partnered Post} Wedding Registries with SimpleRegistry

    SimpleRegistryis changing the way engaged couples create and share their wedding registry. With unique tools that make registering for gifts fun and personable, members create a registry that is reflective of their personality instead.  Plus, you can literally register for anything and keep it simple by having it all on one registry.

    Want traditional items from a large store but also some unique gifts from etsy shops?  Want to register for some stuff but also some experiences?  SimpleRegistry can make it happen.
    *Add Anything to a Registry — Any item from any store on one registry. Even non-tangible stuff like season tickets, indoor skydiving sessions, or a donation to a favorite charity. How awesome is that!?

    *Split Pricey Items to Smaller Portions — Let’s face it, there probably aren’t many people that will buy someone that awesome $2,000 camera all on their own. However, you probably have at least 20 friends that would be willing to chip in $100 each. It’s easy to allow for group-gifting at any price level.

    *Setup is Easy (and Fun) — Customizing a registry is easy with purpose-built tools like the SimpleAdder (bookmarklet for adding any item from any website with one-click), free Mobile App (scan barcodes or snap a photo of anything and add it to the registry), and Instant Registry for those in a hurry (pre-made lists of professionally curated items).

    *Let Others Suggest Cool Items — Why should couples have to think up everything they’ll need on a registry? Registry creation is crowdsourced with a new Item Suggestions feature. Easily send people (with the best taste, of course) a custom version of our SimpleAdder tool that allows them to suggest items from any website in the world. Couples have complete power over which suggested items to add – and which to ignore.

    *All Gifts Redeemed as Cash — When the wedding is over all gifts are redeemed directly as cash for the ultimate in flexibility. Newer model of that camera since the registry was created? Different color of that blender desired? No problem! Couples tell us when they’re ready to receive their gifts and we send them a check or deposit funds directly to their checking or PayPal account.

    *Saying “Thank You” Made Easy — Instantly generated list of all guests, the gift(s) they provided, amounts, and their full contact information.

    And the most exciting thing of all?  One lucky couple will receive a $5,000 credit toward their registry on SimpleRegistry if they register between 1/1/13 and 4/30/13.  I wish I could register again myself!

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    • The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids
    •  Three things: 1. You've got one day left to enter my @mywildbird sling giveaway, so head over to my blog (link in profile) and tag your friends. 2. I was featured on @loyal_hana blog as part of their motherhood series, so if you want to give it a read and hear about my typical (hot mess) day or how I (don't) balance work and mothering head to their profile to find the link to their site. I pretty much live in their nursing-friendly clothes and was honored to be featured. 3. Charlie took this picture (and basically directed me for the shot) and it makes me really really happy   Putting the finishing touches on the boys' bedroom and had to stop to admire the magic that the morning light and their @babyjives mobile was making. ✨☁️⭐️❤️✨#charlieandcalsroomredo
       Can a person be your happy place? Because I'm pretty certain that Quincy is mine ☺️✨ #quincyrhys #thatdimpletho  This week was a rough one. I feel like I say that every week but this one really was. Today alone had me at my breaking point. All three of my kids seemed hell bent on driving me crazy. Quincy literally wouldn't let me put him down or leave the room without a major scream-cry fest. He rode around on the fuss bus allllll day. Tropical storm Calvin left destruction in his wake everywhere he went (if you follow me on snap/stories you got a little sampling but that was nowhere near the extent of it). At one point I went into a room away from my kids and sat in a chair and cried. Within three minutes one of them found me (of course) gave me a hug, and we were all better (except Calvin -- I think this is his permanent state ). This photo is my version of thinking happy thoughts. Bougainvillea vibes ✌️️✨
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