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    •  You're 4 months old (plus a few days) and while you look like a chubby monkey, turns out you're only in the 11th percentile for weight at 13.3 lbs. Your brother was 13.5 lbs at this age, so you are only a teeny bit smaller but you're a full inch taller at 25.5 inches (71st percentile!) Since you sleep through the night the doc said not to be concerned. You took your vaccinations better than your brother too, but remind me never to do both of your shots at the same time again. You couldn't pay me enough or give me enough wine to do that a second time. You're chattering, belly laughing, rolling, tracking my every movement, sleeping 11-12 straight hours at night, grabbing for toys, sucking any of your fingers (or fist) you can get in your mouth, watching me eat, and napping like shit. Month 3 to month 4 has been a little rocky, but you are honestly the easiest and sweetest baby ever so it's really not all that bad. It's like you make my Grinch heart grow three sizes every hour of every day.
       Christmas is a week away! If you're scrambling to think of a last minute gift idea, I shared these DIY teacher gifts on @itsmomtastic that I gave Charlie's teachers last year. I made an updated version that I'll share later today as well. Find this one here: http://www.momtastic.com/diy/476215-diy-teacher-holiday-gifts/ or search DIY teacher holiday gifts on their site (link in their profile). These also make a great gift for girlfriends, your holiday hostess, a boss, or in my case your husband's theatrical manager! Basically everyone loves them. Head over to see what's inside and how to make, plus a DIY for that salt dough ornament too.
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