Quincy’s Newborn Photos

Quincy's Newborn Session + brother photos | Oh Lovely Day

My friends at Inspired By This are sharing some of Quincy’s newborn photos and our family of five session today. So head over there and check out some highlights and peeks into Quincy’s future nursery once he moves out of our room and see the rest of our family photos, plus his little space in our bedroom below. All of the sources are at the end of the post as well.

As usual, Jennifer Roper captured our family perfectly — our crazy life at home with three boys, one of which won’t be still long enough to get his photo taken. Yet somehow she worked her usual miracles and got a couple of photos with all five of us in one frame. Since this is my last newborn, I’m a little nostalgic and missing this sweet stage already. Read More

Personalize Your Wedding With Zazzle

Personalize Your Wedding With Zazzle | Oh Lovely Day

Gone are the days of the standard, cookie cutter wedding. These days it is all about personalization — making your day a reflection of you as a couple. Whether you do that in your stationery, decor, music choices, or wedding style, Zazzle can help you personalize your wedding with their selection of paper goods, gifts, and day of details.Read More

Postpartum Care and Recovery With Mama Strut + A Giveaway

Postpartum recovery with Mama Strut | Oh Lovely Day

Giving birth is an incredible experience, but it is also incredibly tough on your body. If you think about what your body actually goes through during those nine months of pregnancy and hours (or days) of labor and delivery, it is a wonder we mommas are able to do anything for days or weeks after giving birth. And yet we do — we nurse our babies, take care of our families, go without sleep and proper grooming… But we don’t really take good care of ourselves. Proper postpartum care is so important to the recovery process and so many of us go without because we don’t have the time or the resources to nurture the nurturer. Today’s busy mom is not getting her physical, emotional and medical needs met with today’s health care postpartum. Dated and damaging attitudes that surround postpartum being about getting your body back fast need to be replaced with messages of healing, support and wellness. Instead of “getting skinny” and “bouncing back” the goal should be on recovery and feeling well. The amazing and attentive care that pregnant women get needs to extend well into the weeks and months after delivery. That goes for both the health care you receive and the products designed for the postpartum mom in mind.Read More

Infant Colic & Gas Remedies Worth A Try


Products and tips to get you through infant colic from a mom who has been there. Colic is the worst and anything that helps is worth a try!

If you follow me on instagram you know that my newest little babe Quincy has been having tummy issues causing him to be quite colicky over the last few weeks. If he had been my first baby I would have taken the “oh he’s just colicky and will grow out of it eventually” diagnosis and left it at that. But since he is my third, my gut told me there was more to it. Thanks to suggestions from a couple of momma friends and a some instagram followers, I tried a few different things — like giving up dairy — and saw some relief. So I knew something could be done to at least make him more comfortable and that we didn’t have to just “wait it out.” Because no one wants their baby to suffer for weeks or months (which causes you to suffer too because the colic struggle is REAL) if there is something that can help them. Read More

Registering for Baby 101

How To Know What Baby Gear You Need: Using Babyli.st's Guides | Oh Lovely DaySince I registered for my first baby over 6 years ago, things have really changed. Rather than having to choose from a small selection of stores and registering at just one store — limiting your baby gear selection to just that store’s inventory — you can now register online at places like Babyli.st and register for baby goodies from almost anywhere you want. But on top of that, Babyli.st has access to the reviews and opinions of thousands of parents who have used their site and what products they love best. And then Babyli.st compiled all of that information into a Best Baby Products Guide to help you. This is such a great resource when buying or registering for your own baby.

I thought it would be fun to “register” again using Babyli.st and their guides, plus my own experience, to help me. Here are some of my top picks from my registry, and you can find my full “if I were starting from scratch” registry on Babyli.st here. Read More

Breastfeeding Essentials For Your Booby Survival Kit

Breastfeeding Essentials for your booby survival kit | Oh Lovely Day

Just like every baby is different, breastfeeding every baby is different too. With one you may have a low supply and another you have no problems. One might have an issue like tongue tie which causes a poor latch and booby pain for you, and another might be a great nurser. After nursing three babies I know one thing to be true – there are some things that you need no matter what. So here are my nursing essentials for your booby survival kit, which I think are universal to most nursing moms.Read More