• Embracing the Mess of Life with Kids

    Embracing the Mess | Oh Lovely Day

    As a mom to two little boys, things can get pretty messy. Toys strewn about, laundry piling up, dirt, fingerpaint, poop, spit-up… you get the idea. Before kids I liked things clean and tidy — I’m very type A. You’d think the mom of two boys would just give up on things being clean. But honestly, now that I have kids I almost depend on things to be clean and tidy to offset the chaos of having two little kids. When things are a mess, my mind is a mess. So balancing that need while enjoying two little boys and letting them enjoy being little can sometimes be hard. Here are some strategies I’ve developed for helping me to embrace the mess:

    Embracing the Mess | Oh Lovely Day

    Clean up little bits as I go

    If I’m making breakfast or packing lunch, I find it much easier to clean up as I go. It takes about ten more seconds to throw the banana peel and yogurt container away and put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. If I leave that mess out until I have more time to clean it later, our lunch and dinner messes get added and I find that the kitchen is a complete disaster at the end of the day. And at the end of the day, I’m tired and don’t feel like cleaning a huge mess.

    Don’t panic (take a breath)

    If I had a dollar for every time Charlie ran in from playing outside and jumped on our white couch I could buy a lot of new couches. Instead of cringing with every threat of dirtying that white couch, I try to remember it is a washable slipcovered sofa and it can be cleaned. I don’t panic each time the baby (inevitably) poops the second I lift him out of the bath tub and into his cozy white towel because I let him take an extra long bath since he was having so much fun. Or when he’s flinging food all over the floor and the nice high chair. I take a breath and remember that’s what Clorox® Regular-Bleach is for! I cannot tell you how many white things we have that look brand new thanks to Clorox® Regular-Bleach — all white towels, all white master bedding, and as I mentioned already, that bought-before-kids-all-white couch!

    Embracing the Mess | Oh Lovely Day

    Try to live in the moment

    Sometimes you can spend so much time worrying about the never-ending pile of laundry waiting to be folded that you miss the dance party happening right in front of  you in your living room. Or you worry about the wet muddy mess that you forget how fun it is to jump in puddles (especially in LA where you almost never have puddles!) I try to remember that the laundry will still be there, the puddles may not be, and the kids — the kids are growing so fast. Those messy moments are the moments. They are what it is all about and what I will remember and miss when the boys are grown. Messy moments are bound to happen, so I might as well see the beauty in them, embrace them, and celebrate them.



    This post is sponsored by Clorox—helping you find the joy in making a mess.

    (Sources) Calvin’s shirt | Charlie’s shirt | high chair | bib | bowl and spoon | rain jacket | rain boots | sunglasses

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    Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Littles

    Love for Littles Valentine's Day Round Up | Oh Lovely Day

    While I meant to share this in time to buy these goodies for your littles for Valentine’s Day, a series of sicknesses kept me and one of my littles in bed for nearly two weeks instead. But I think we all need a little more love in our lives all year round. So, here are my favorite goodies from some of my favorite small businesses that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, and all year through too!

    Cupid cloud mobile + Heart print

    Friday I’m In Love Tee + Love Your Guts tee

    Je T’aime onesie + smiley heart tee

    gold heart bib + pink heart sweatshirt

    heart of gold onesie + all love needs is you tee

    heart teether

    love your face banner

    love where you are wall hanging

    heart blanket

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    Valentine’s Day Marsala + Gold Wedding Inspiration

    Valentine's Day Marsala Wedding Inspiration | Studio Dizon, Blissful2Be + Candy Crush Shop | Oh Lovely Day

    At first I didn’t know how much I loved Pantone’s Color of the Year, but that’s before I saw how much potential Marsala really had. Today’s Valentine’s Day wedding inspiration proves me so wrong. It showed me that Marsala can be glamorous. Marsala can be elegant. Marsala can be romantic. And Marsala has an edge. And there’s so much in today’s shoot to be inspired by: gold animal drink stirs, pretty hand lettering, the mixing of fabrics in the table linens, gorgeous florals with vibrant pops of color, and a stunner of a bridal gown – to name a few. While the romance and the shades of pink and red fit a Valentine’s Day theme, this would really work well for a wedding or event any time of year. Read More »

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    Surviving Cold and Flu Season

    Tips for Surviving Cold & Flu Season | Oh Lovely Day

    This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time – I’ve just gotten over the flu, my older son has a double ear infection and pink eye, and I’m just holding my breath to see what the baby ends up with. It seems like so many of us are dealing with a particularly nasty cold and flu season. And as frustrated as I am with the sickness, I can’t help but consider us lucky: lucky that this is the worst we have it, and lucky that we have healthcare that enables us to go to the doctor and get medicine we need. I kid you not, I’ve been to the pediatrician almost weekly for the last two months.

    So I thought I would share some of my tips for surviving this germ-filled season (besides taking your kid out of preschool for the duration, which I’ve been tempted to do myself…) Read More »

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    Valentine’s Day Floral Crown Tutorial

    Valentine's Day Floral Crown Tutorial | by Taylor + Taylor on Oh Lovely Day

    Today’s floral crown tutorial is for you ladies that want to give yourself a gift for Valentine’s Day (or maybe for another girlfriend who needs some love!) If you aren’t coupled up on Valentine’s Day or just find the concept a bit blah, why not head to your local flower mart by yourself or with some friends and stock up on pretty flowers. Then, with today’s tutorial from Jess over at Taylor+Taylor, you can turn them into a gorgeous floral crown and feel pretty and strong and beautiful. Read More »

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